The leading products are mainly electronic module type air-cooling device, new and high-tech automation monitoring products integrated system for various of power transmission and transformation flied, design, technical service, and contract automation systems project and provide agency service of import electric power system, the products involve the areas of industry, electron, electric power, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, construction, city planning, communication(lamp-house, date transmission) and other areas, we can also provide intelligent equipment for power transmission and transformation, electric power control system, energy administration system, safety control system and remote control system. The main applicable areas, 1.Energy and distribution net (1)It covers electric power supply, power measurement, security of power supply, process control, power net adjusting automation system, integrated automation system of substation, distribution automation system, multipurpose protection control and measure equipment; Remote control for generate electricity and distribution basic equipment. (2)Provide comprehensive product, project design and technical service. 2.Business and building (1)Covering electric power supply and distribution for business building, and building automation system, all kinds of lighting, air condition and elevator visit control etc. (2)Provide comprehensive product, project design and technical service. 3. Industry and control (1)Providing mechanical control, process automation, industrial power distribution and distribution data administration. (2)Provide comprehensive product, project design and technical service.
Industrial automation system List
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