TBEA TRANSFORMER INDUSTRIAL GROUP: A WORLDWIDE INDUSTRY LEADER TBEA is an innovative publicly traded company which consists of three main industrial groups: power transmission and transformation, new energy sources, and new material developments. Through huge investments in research and development and manufacturing facilities, TBEA has become a leading equipment manufacturer and exporter of transformers, electric wire and cables, new materials of high-voltage aluminum foil, and core control modules of solar energy converters.

TBEA Transformer Industrial Group is a division of TBEA Group, a worldwide industry leader with a legacy that dates back to 1938. TBEA was the first of its kind to go public and has achieved a remarkably long list of industry firsts in China and throughout the world.

TBEA exports its products to over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. To keep pace with our growth initiatives and to better serve our customers, we have established new sales and service locations in Southern California, Canada, Pakistan, Russia, India, the Middle East and Africa.

For more than 70 years, TBEA has been a world-class producer of high-performance power transformers, HVDC converter transformers, special transformers, dry type transformers, reactors and HV instrument transformers. Our annual output in 2007 exceeds 100,000MVA. The company put us at the forefront of the power transmission & distribution industry.
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