Corporate Culture

*Business Philosophy

TBEA considers customers’ satisfaction, employees’ confidence and shareholders’ gratification as its first priority.
·Make the customers satisfied

Respect the customers with proper attitude
Understand the customers through in-depth research
Satisfy the customers by all the strength
Touch the hearts of the customers with considerate service

·Make the employees confident

Entrust the employees with the most appropriate occupation
Encourage the employees by sharing the success
Cultivate the employees with noble characters
Unify the employees in value sharing
Win the public will, gain the future

·Make the shareholders gratified

Attract the shareholders with outstanding performance
Reward the shareholders by value increment
Stabilize the shareholders by sustainable development
Be honest to the shareholders with transparent operation

·Core Values
TBEA regards perseverance, aggressiveness, devotion and innovation as its core values.

·World View
Integrity brings sustainability, innovation gives success, peace delivers prosperity, brevity leads to comprehension, and harmony contributes to flourish.

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