Environment Protection
TBEA guided by the business idea of stability and sureness, attached much  importance to environment proteciton on each level of business operaton. TBEA  pursuing the target of least effect on environ
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TBEA guided by the business idea of stability and sureness, attached much importance to environment proteciton on each level of business operaton. TBEA pursuing the target of least effect on environment, largest profit, makes research and developmen on energy saving and low loss product and push the resource recycling. In the past few years, with the strengthening of management at site, developing of recycling economy, adopting advanced energy saving and environment protecting equipment, innovating technology and manufacturing engergy saving and environment friendly products,the operating loss of the product has been greatly reduced and the impact on environment has been greatly decreased.To save the energy, improve the utilization rate of the resources, contribute to the society, TBEA attaches the same importance to environment protection and development of the economy. With the attitude of environment proteciton, the environment protection is not only a slogan but actions. In terms of wated material disposal, we encourage the decrease of waste, inhance the awareness of environment protection of the employees and carry out the environment proteciton. The capacity of the annual wated water disposal is 21,000 tons and the annual dereasing rate of the main wate emmition is 5-10%. TBEA is pursuing the harmony and co-existance of the environment and the nature, and accelerating the internationalization of the enterprise and pushing the development of the environment proteciton cause.
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