International Exchange and Communication
Face world, with an open mind, we are seeking for a mutual win with global  superiority companies in the field of power transmission, new material, and new  energy resource, driving the globalization
(2010-01-10 18:07:29)

Face world, with an open mind, we are seeking for a mutual win with global superiority companies in the field of power transmission, new material, and new energy resource, driving the globalization of both company with the international view, achieving the globalization of human resources, organization, production, sell, service, and market and at the same time promoting Chinese and even the whole world’s sustainable development.

Strategic Cooperation
Cooperate with Simens Cooperate with BP of England
Technical intercourse
Cooperate with canada Cooperate with Ukraine on 330-1150kV technology
Business cooperation
Undertaking the international turn key project Cooperation with Dupont (USA)

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