R&D Achievement
Transformer  Productions
 1.DF-250000/1200 Single-phase  Air-cooling Testing Transformer
 2.The first 750kV Reactor of China
 3.The first 900MVA transformer exported to USA from  China
 4.The first 500k
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Transformer Productions

 1. DF-250000/1200 Single-phase Air-cooling Testing Transformer
 2. The first 750kV Reactor of China
 3. The first 900MVA transformer exported to USA from China
 4. The first 500kV DC Converter Transformer of China
 5. PKDFP-500-3000-270 Smoothing Reactor operated in "Guiguang Project"
 6. The Generator Transformer of 840000kVA/500kV for Three Gorges Project Left-bank
 7. 200kV DC Converter Transformer operated in "Lingbao Projec"
 8. 500kV DC Convert Transmission Transformer operated in Power from West to East "Guiguang Project"
 9. Amorphous-alloy Pan Seal Transformer
 10. 220KV Train single-phase Traction Transformer
 11. SSC10000/35 Three-phase Three Winding Vacuum Casting Ethoxyline Dry type Transformer
 12. Excitation Generator Dry Type Transformer
 13. SLNHTSH-630/10 High Temperature and Super Conduct Power Transformer
 14. Compartmental Substation

Cable Productions
 1. 35kV Three Core Cross-link Cable
 2. 220kV Cross-link Cable
 3. 500kV Cross-link Cable
 4. 750kV Expand Diameter Generatrix
 5. Heatproof Aluminum Alloy wires
 6. Special Usage Wire or Cable

New material Productions
 1. 10kW Solar Power System
 2. 150kW Solar Power Station
 3. Solar Power Project
 4. TBEA cultural plaza

New material Productions
 1. Electric Foil for the Anode of Aluminum Electro Analysis Capacitor
 2. Electrical Aluminum Foil

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