State Level Technical Center
The R&D center is the key department of TBEA. It is consisted of a center  directed under headquarters, four center branches and a laboratory. The  first-class experts including the academicians and t
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The R&D center is the key department of TBEA. It is consisted of a center directed under headquarters, four center branches and a laboratory. The first-class experts including the academicians and technical teams are working together here, applying themselves to R&D of the key equipments, technology and standard in the area of power transmission and transformation, new energy resources and new materials. The R&D center continually develops the new products to meet the requirement of our clients and at the same time perfect the technology in existence. The mission of R& D center is supply of reliable, energy saving, facility and available products and new optional technical proposal to users in different countries and regions. With a global view, the R&D center has cooperated with more than 10 famous scientific research academies, such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences electrician institute, VIT, Croatia, Sian Jiaotong University etc. We would like to communion and study with the advanced company in the world, to develop the work of technology import and re-innovation, to merchandizing the productions of the technique and promote the importance equipments domestically produced course in Chinese power transmission and transformation industry.

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