Combined Type Substation
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Combined Type Substation (Compartmental Transformer)

Compartment substation (below said CS) is composed of HV electrical equipment, power transformer, LV electrical equipment and auxiliary equipment.
The CS is used to accept and distribute electric power in 3-phase AC system with the voltage ratio 35/10kV, 10/0.4KV or 6/0.4kV. It suits especially for town public distribution, for example, big buildings, residence districts, industry & mining enterprise, ports, oil field, parks, highways and work on sites etc. It can be mounted on special-made trailer to be as the mobile distribution car used for transform maintenance or to temporarily substitute of breakdown power equipment.
The CS has the advantages of reasonable construction,
better competence, operation reliability, easy maintenance, mold-making beautification and perfect protection functions and has the outstanding effects of the small volume, the short time of building substation and less invest etc. It is selected as completed distribution equipment in preferred consideration.

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