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Earthing Transformer

With distribution system continuing to improve and the cable line increasing, when the capacity ground reach a certain value, the reliability of the electric distribution network will be threatened. First of all, in the case of single phase earthings, the earth current becomes big and the arc is difficult to die, likely developed to be inter phase short current. In the next place, when the intermission arc earthing happens, the arc earthing overload voltage is easy to the whole distribution net will be influenced. In order to solve these problem, furnishing a earthing transformer for the distribution net neutral point is really a effective measure.
In the 6~10KV small current earthing system, the 6~10KV side winding of mains transformer is usually the delta connection in transformer substation. There is no neutral educed for arc extinction winding and earthing resistance, so a special earthing transformer need to serve as a man made neutral to connect arc extinction winding and earthing resistance. When the earthing is in failure, it will sent the compensate current form arc extinction winding and earth resistance to the electric power net.

Parameter scope:
Maximum Capacity: 630KVA

Place of production:

China Xinjiang Changji

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