Arc Extinction Winding
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Arc Extinction Winding

In a power system without neutral point grounding, arc extinction winding will educed a man-made neutral point through grounding transformer, and connect an arc extinction winding between the neutral point and ground. In case of power system normal operation, due to the fact that voltage to ground of the system’s neutral point equals zero arc extinction winding has no current passing, Proper selection of reactance of arc extinction winding makes inductance current flowing through grounding point just equal to capacity current, and consequently makes current of grounding point zero and internal current will go out. In order to avoid over voltage caused by series resonance. It is common to adopt over compensation, namely, make inductance current flowing through arc extinction winding slightly more than capacity current flowing through grounding point.

Parameter scope:
Maximum Capacity: 4000KVA

Place of production:
China Xinjiang Changji

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