Marine Type Transformer
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Marine Type Transformer

Marine Type Transformer is mainly used in littoral in our country, absolutely necessarily equipment for shipping, galley and drilling platform on the sea, the customer of which is more concentrated and the differences from common electric power is it can be used in the wretched weather environment on the sea as follow,

  a. The relative humidity of the air is not exceed 95%.
  b. Condensation, oil mist, salt spray and mildew influence.
  c. Rocking angle ±45°, cycle time 3~14 second, when the shipping is in normal operation.
  d. Incline angle 15°

It has high safe reliability, no local overheating, low loss, small vibration, low noise, low PD, good performance and convenient for installation and maintenance etc.

Parameter scope:

Design Serial Number: Type9, Type10, Type11
Maximum Capacity: 5000KVA

Place of production:

China Xinjiang Changji

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