High Ignition Point Oil Transformer
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High Ignition Point Oil Transformer

High ignition point oil transformer can be widely used in important places requiring high fire prevention and low noise such as urban residential community, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, lads, schools, theatres, Petrochemical facilities, railway stations and subways, airports and mines. The key features,
(1) The Ignition Point of the oil is over 308℃, with high fire prevention and high explosion prevention.
(2) It has the characteristics of good insulating property, high insulating reliability and withstand three phase sudden short current electrodynamic force.
(3) The high ignition oil can be biodegraded and has the characteristic of green environmental protection.

Parameter scope:

Design Serial Number: Type9, Type10, Type11
Capacity: Maximum 160KVA
Voltage: 6, 6.3, 10, 10.5, 11

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