330kV Power Transformer
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330kV Power Transformer

Relying an advanced and mature technique and technology of high voltage products, our company has developed Grade 330KV transformer with high scientific element, good profit and low noise. In 2001, TBEA signed a contract of introducing 110KV~1150KV transformer technology with Zoporozhye Transformer Co., Ltd of Ukraine, the largest transformer producer in the world, providing a series of mature high voltage produce to realize automatic design, high short circuit resistance, reliable electrical insulation, accurate electromagnetism calculation and comprehensive heat calculation, guaranteeing reliability of the products. At the same time, relying on advanced design technology has conducted detailed calculation of all the parts of the transformer, made it down various capacities required by special products.

Parameter scope:

Loss Level code: Type 9, Type10.
Double Winding Non-excitation Voltage Regulation Transformer: Maximum 450000KVA
Three Winding Non-excitation Voltage Regulation Transformer: Maximum 450000KVA
Non-excitation Voltage Regulation Autotransformer: Maximum 450000KVA
On-load Voltage Regulation Autotransformer: Maximum 360000KVA

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