. TBEA is the enterprise group designated by the Chinese government to conduct foreign economic and technological cooperation and foreign aid project construction in fields such as power transmission
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. TBEA is the enterprise group designated by the Chinese government to conduct foreign economic and technological cooperation and foreign aid project construction in fields such as power transmission and transformation and power construction, etc.
. TBEA is a general contractor enterprise for entire international power projects
. TBEA is one of the world’s largest transformer suppliers with a capacity of over 100 million kVA
. TBEA is one of China’s largest high voltage power line and cable product research and development and export enterprises
. TBEA is China’s largest industry base for new electronic materials
.TBEA is one of China’s largest solar energy system integrators
. TBEA is the first enterprise in China’s major equipment manufacturing industry to be awarded “ China’s well known trademark,” “ China’s name brand product” and “product exempt from state inspection;” and awarded as a national level innovation base for the trade revival through science and technology” and “national level pilot test enterprise for innovations”
. TBEA has 4 wholly owned companies and 10 holding companies
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