TBEA Collective Wedding
This May 16th, 52 brides and grooms got married at the 3rd TBEA Collective Wedding Ceremony witnessed by their parents, friends and colleagues.
(2010-01-07 23:39:21)
This May 16th, 52 brides and grooms got married at the 3rd TBEA Collective Wedding Ceremony witnessed by their parents, friends and colleagues.
Accompanied by , 26 couples entered the wedding hall through the flower path led by three cute flower girls. Mr Ye Jun, General Manager of TBEA, blessed the brides and grooms on behalf of TBEA. The couples exchange their wedding rings after Mr Lin Yongzhong had given his testimony of their marriage.
As TBEA grows, more young employees have been recruited and marriage is a big problem facing many of the young employees, fancy wedding photos by professional studios, diamond rings, wedding banquets, travel expenses for honey moon…TBEA has found out this need and has organized this collective wedding ceremony for the third time which gathered the biggest number of couples.
In the middle of the brides, Xiao Fu and Xiao Rong have attracted most of the eyes. They are twin sisters and both joined in the wedding ceremony since they married to TBEA staff Liu Wei, UHV Department and Feng Biqian, Technical Center. On the stage, they were both very impressed by the ceremony, “We were much released financially and mentally by joining in this collective wedding ceremony with TBEA employees. The reason why we both choose to marry TBEA boys is that they are honest and sincere and as reliable as TBEA. ”
TBEA has been regarded as an employee-oriented company since its establishment and has always been trying to care for the slightest need of its employees, for one of their biggest time of life--wedding ceremony as well.
For 21 years, TBEA has been committed to “develop for employees, develop depending on employees and share the development achievement with employees”. While helping and serving each ‘small family’ by utilizing TBEA’s strength and platform, TBEA has encouraged each ‘small family’ to work with all heart and all strength to support the ‘big family’ and work closely for a better future of both the employees and the company.
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