TBEA Xin Jiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd. participated in the 3rd
On May 15th, 2008. General manager Zhang Jianxing of TBEA Xin Jiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the 3rd financing forum on renewable resource in Beijing as representative of domestic Pho
(2010-01-07 23:49:58)

On May 15th, 2008. General manager Zhang Jianxing of TBEA Xin Jiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the 3rd financing forum on renewable resource in Beijing as representative of domestic Photovoltaic industry, which sponsored by Eurmoney Energy Events( EEE), together with Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA).

In this forum, PV industry­­­­——opportunities for technology investment, general manager Zhang Jianxin of TBEA Xinjinag Sunoasis Co., Ltd. make the presentation of company's development and overall strategic goals in finance and PV industries to all audience.

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