TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Accomplished UHV Assignment
On November 17, 2008, the fourth UHV 1000MVA/1000kV transformer successfully passed test in test hall of TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group, with success of test TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group delivered
(2010-01-07 23:49:28)
On November 17, 2008, the fourth UHV 1000MVA/1000kV transformer successfully passed test in test hall of TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group, with success of test TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group delivered the main equipments of the first Chinese 1000kV UHV power transmission demonstration projects( from the east of Shanxi to Jinmeng via Nanyiang) on schedule, on November 27, the first three sets of 1000MVA/1000kV UHV equipments passed just in a one-off
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