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On January 5, 2009, TBEA Xinjiang Cable Company signed the contract of cable supply for Zhengzhou-Xian passenger special line with China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) in Xian, the value of contract is more than RMB 68 million which accounts for two thirds of total cable supply.. TBEA provided service for national major railway construction projects once again followed by Qinghai-Tibet Railway.
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    On January 5, 2009, TBEA Xinjiang Cable Company signed the contract of cable supply for Zhengzhou-Xian passenger special line with China Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) in Xian, the value of contract is more than RMB 68 million which accounts for two thirds of total cable supply.. TBEA provided service for national major railway construction projects once again followed by Qinghai-Tibet Railway.


Zhengzhou-Xian passenger special line with overall length up to 484.5 Kilometer is first high-speed passenger special line under construction in the northwest of China, and is important parts of “Four Horizontal and Four Vertical Railway Traffic Network Under National Railway Network Planning on Mid and Long Term”. Zhengzhou-Xian passenger special line can improve transportation condition of Longhai Railway, furthermore, journey between Northwest of China,

SichuanProvince, Chongqing and Central South of China, East of China can be reduced greatly. So the line can enhance economic cooperation and exchange among the east, central and west of China. The line is of great significance to Western Development and The strategy of prosperity of Middle part of China.


TBEA Xinjiang Cable Company is the ranked in first manufacture in the northwest power wire and cable industry with the largest production capacity, the most sophisticated production facility and strongest R&D abilities, the unique qualified supplier of expanding diameter overhead conductor for State Grid Corp 750 kV power demonstration projects in the northwest of China, expanding diameter overhead conductor was honored by The first Award of Science and Technology Advance.

Mr. Wang Pinshan, secretary of the Party committee and plant manager of TBEA Xinjiang Cable Company stated confidently on signing ceremony that winning the bid of most advance passenger special line demonstrated TBEA’ ability to serve national major projects, company had launch the “superior quality project” to provide zero-flaw products, “superior credit project” to make delivery on time and on schedule, “superior after-sale project” to eliminate complaints. With all those campaigns, Zhengzhou-Xian passenger special line will become another milestone project of TBEA Xinjiang Cable Company.

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