TBEA Industry Structure
Power technology products are the pillar industry for the national economic  safety and development. The production capacity of the Transformer Group exceeds  80 million KVA. The revenues of 110KV and
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Power technology products are the pillar industry for the national economic safety and development. The production capacity of the Transformer Group exceeds 80 million KVA. The revenues of 110KV and above voltage cable reached 2.5 billion Yuan. We reached at the international first class at the ultra-high voltage electricity transmission and transformation, direct current transmission and power station projects. The production technologies of 110KV-500KV high voltage cable and 750KV ultra-high voltage large section conduction are in the leading position in china. Seven modern industrial parks have been set up in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Tianjing,Shandong, liaoning,Xi'an, and an echo each other at a distance production pattern of Northwest China-Southwest China-South China-North China-East China-Northeast China has been effectively formed. Our products are wisely served in 31provinces, and also sold to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world.

New energy industry is essential to the human energy source saving, possess many patent rights. We has successfully developed serial products as Solar Wafers, Solar Modules, 5-150W Stand-alone Photovoltaic System, and Comprehensive Solar Lighting & Pumping Systems and has obtained many patent technologies as self-owned intellectual property. A mature industry chain has been formed form the Batteries Source-Solar Power Modules, electric power electron inverter -controller-solar power system.

New materials industry is the foundation for technology innovation and product renewal. We possess the key technology of the patented intellectual rights of deep processing of refined aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil, the technology and the product quality of which have reached the advanced world-class level. We developed the production process of ultra-high purity aluminum (AL=99.999%). The refined aluminum occupied more 80%, and the electronic aluminum occupied more than 70% of the Chinese market.

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